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BMW B58B30O1 (for G-series) upgrade turbocharger


When installing a new turbocharger we recommend to read our Installation guide.


Bolt-on hybrid turbocharger for BMW with B58B30O1 (B58TU) engine designed to work with stock exhaust manifold and other engine units. 


Turbosystems upgrade turbocharger for BMW B58B30B features: 

  • reinforced thrust bearing;
  • enlarged machined from the solid compressor wheels;
  • enlarged turbine wheels;
  • machined enlarged housings;
  • new shafts;
  • balanced on VSR;


Power range: up to 600 HP

BMW 2-Serie G42 M240i

BMW 3-Serie G20/G21 340I

BMW 4-Serie G22/G23 440I


BMW X3 G01 M40i

BMW X4 G02 M40i
BMW Z4 G29 3.0 T (B58)

BMW Z4 G29 M40i


Turbo systems BMW 240i, 340i, 440i, Z4, X3, X4 B58B30O1 (G-series) upgrade turbo

Productcode: 34dbb53d-d75c-3e77-d871-d61c853ef018
€ 2.142,00Prijs
incl.BTW |
  • 🟢 5 - 10 werkdagen (exacte levertijd opvragen)

  • 2018-present G29 Z4 M40i (in countries not subject to EU emissions standards)
    2019-present G20 M340i
    2019-present G21 M340i
    2020-present G01 X3 M40i
    2019-present G02 X4 M40i
    2020–present G22 M440i
    2021 Toyota Supra[24] (in countries not subject to EU emissions standards)
    2021-present G42 M240i

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