HF-Series Intercooler Audi TT 8N 1.8T



Lengte: 540mm (core)
Hoogte: 180mm (core)
Diepte: 65mm (core)
Netvolume (alleen koeler): 6,318cm³
Nettype: HFT or HFRS
Materiaal: Alu  
Intercooler buizen: Inbegrepen
Air flow: 97,2 cm²


                       OEM                                  HF-Series
Afmetingen    177mmx183mmx85mm     540mmx180mmx65mm
Volume:          2,753 cm³                          6,318 cm³
Airflow:           32,391cm²                         97,2cm²


De HFRS laat de lucht sneller doorstromen dan de HFT. Dus voor race toepassingen met hogere gemiddelde snelheden. De HFT is meer voor straat gebruik geschikt, zal waarschijnlijk efficienter zijn bij lagere snelheden.

This upgrade intercooler for Audi TT 8N  1,8T 150/180 models is a highlight of the HF-series range. The high quality HFT/HFRS network has the best cooling properties to provide optimum performance even in poor conditions and is also very robust. It is characterized by a high resistance and heats itself not so much as comparable networks of other manufacturers. At the same time the whole system is also aligned to the best flow. This means that the pressure loss is almost none and the entire charge air way was aerodynamically designed with CAD-flow analyzes. Also included are the cooler boxes, which are made of high-strength aluminum casting.The advantages of this product is significantly cooler charge air, which improves the combustion of the engine, earlier response and improved flow. Thus, this product is interesting for both factory output, as well as racing. Every single cooler was built on each vehicle, calculated in flow simulations and tested for the in-house dynamometer.

This intercooler is mounted on the original break points of the original OEM intercooler and therefore requires no major modification work . It can be installed by customers with well-stocked toolbox itself.

What will the advantages be, if you are installing an upgrade intercooler?
To name an accurate performance increasemen,t which results by installing an upgrade intercooler in numbers, many unknown factors, like: further hardware changes, as well as the engine software you are using, have to be determined, because this is different from vehicle to vehicle. As a rule of thumb for ECU remapped engines, you can expect up to 5% - 10%. But what at least also as important is: Regardless whether your ECU is already remapped or if it isn´t, upgrade intercoolers preventing a loss of performance at worse conditions, like high outside temperatures or even to reach the temperature protection of your engine. So you will be always able to count on the full power of it.


  • Intercooler (kies tussen HFT of HFRS net)
  • Intercooler buizen
  • SF-hoses Siliconebow
  • SF-hoses Siliconeconnector
  • Bevestigingsmateriaal

Audi TT 8N 1.8 Turbo

HF-Series Intercooler Audi TT 8N 1.8T

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  • Audi TT 8N 1.8T 150/180pk (FWD + Quattro)
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