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MST Air Intake BMW 3 / 4 Series 2.0T B48 G2x


This induction kit delivers increased airflow and induction noise over the standard restrictive air box. Whether this kit is being installed on a standard vehicle or to an already tuned vehicle, you can be sure of the positive performance gains this will deliver.


  • Improved throttle response
  • Black powder-coated heat shield
  • Dyno results: max gains 12-14bhp (this may vary depending on vehicle)
  • Easy to maintain dry pleated filter
  • Cold air straight to the turbocharger

What Will You Get?


MST Performance utilize the highest quality components in all of their kits, see below for what this kit will include...

  • Black powder-coated heat shield & inlet pipe
  • Black silicone intake pipe
  • Red pleated filter
  • Full fitting kit with easy step-by-step instructions

BMW 3-Serie G20/G21 320i

BMW 3-Serie G20/G21 330i

BMW 4-Serie G22/G23 420i

BMW 4-Serie G22/G23 430i

MST Air Intake BMW 3 / 4 Series 2.0T B48 G2x

Productcode: MST-BW-B4802
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    • BMW 320i (G20/G21) – 2.0T B48 – 2018+
    • BMW 330i (G20/G21) – 2.0T B48 – 2018+
    • BMW 420i (G22/G23) – 2.0T B48 – 2020+
    • BMW 430i (G22/G23) – 2.0T B48 – 2020+