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N63 / N63tu Pure Stage 1 Turbos


BMW N63 STG1 Pure Upgrade Turbos

  • The only true turbo upgrade set available for these cars.
  • Custom Billet Compressor wheel
  • Heavy Duty Large Pad Upgrade Thrust
  • CNC Machined
  • High Speed VSR Balanced


DYNO RESULTS: N63 Power Record! PURE Stg1 Turbo Upgrade 640whp 680wtq! 2011 550i BMS JB4, 91 oct + meth

BMW 5-Serie F07/F10/F11 550i

BMW 6-Serie F06/F12/F13 650i

BMW 7-Serie F01/F02/F03/F04 750i

BMW 7-Serie G11/G12 750i

BMW X5 F15 50i

BMW X5 F85 M

BMW X6 F16 50i

BMW X6 F86 M

N63 / N63tu Pure Stage 1 Turbos BMW 550i, 650i, 750i, X5, X6

Productcode: PUR-TUR-N63-001
PrijsVanaf € 3.691,00
incl.BTW |
  • 🟢 1 - 2 werkdagen

  • BMW F07 550i/ix GT 4.4L N63B RWD+xDrive
    450 hp


    BMW F10,F11 LCI 550i/ix 4.4L N63B
    450 hp


    BMW F06 650ix 4.4 N63T XDRIVE
    450 hp


    BMW F01 F02 LCI 750i/ix/Li/Lix 4.0/4.4L N63B
    450 hp


    BMW G11,G12 750i/ix/Li/Lix 4.0/4.4L N63B
    450 hp


    BMW F15 X5 50i 4.4L N63B XDRIVE
    450 hp


    BMW F85 X5 M 4.4 S63R XDRIVE
    575 hp


    BMW  F16 X6 50i 4.4L N63B XDRIVE
    450 hp


    BMW F86 X6 M 4.4 XDRIVE
    575 hp

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