Ramair Air Intake Kit EA888.3 MQB 2.0 TSI (Golf 7 GTI/R - Audi A3/S3 8V - Seat Leon 5F Cupra)

Deze intake kit is verkrijgbaar in meerdere opties. U kunt de air filter met hitteschild los bestellen, u kunt een kit bestellen met siliconen intake hose (zwart, blauw, rood) en u kunt een kit bestellen met siliconen intake hose én een oversized turbo elbow. Ook in de laatste optie kunt u kiezen uit de drie verschillende kleuren van de intake hose. 

Onderhoud je filter goed! > Klik hier voor een Racingline Cleaner kit!

This induction kit fits the vehicles listed in the compatibility section above. If your unsure at all about choosing the correct induction kit for your vehicle, just contact Ramair quick.

Ramair Jetstream Induction Kit (JSK) for vehicles utilizing the MQB chassis platform equipped with the 2.0 TSI (EA888) engine.This kit allows for increased airflow and induction noise over the factory air intake equipment.This kit mounts to standard factory mounting points and rubbers.


  • Jetstream Performance Baseplate Filter – Our performance foam air filter, with stainless steel cage construction for superior internal structural support and a spun alu neck designed to act as a velocity stack, min imizing turbulence in the intake tract, maximizing flow. The filter element has quick release fittings to enable quick removal, allowing for easy cleaning & maintenance.
  • Oversize Turbo Intake Elbow – This part allows for increased potential airflow and slightly increased induction sound. The inlet elbow is made from light weight alu tube with CNC machined connections and a laser cut bracket, is fully TIG welded and powder-coated in a textured black finish for an OEM look.
  • Silicone Intake Pipe – Single piece turbo intake pipe made with 5-ply polyester reinforced silicone, maintaining a constant 80mm diameter and providing excellent protection from high engine bay temperatures.
  • Heat Shield with OEM mounting points – Laser cut, precision folded heat shield powder-coated in black, is designed to fit directly to the standard OEM factory air box mounting points and rubbers without the need for modification. The heat shield helps maintain low intake temperatures by providing a physical barrier between the air filter and the rest of the engine bay and directing the air from the factory cold air feed to the area around the filter.
  • Full Fitting Kit – Includes all nuts bolts, hose clamps and high quality silicone hose connectors necessary to fit the kit to a standard car (This kit requires utilization of some components from the standard intake pipe and air box).
  • Full Fitting Instructions with Photos – Fully detailed step-by-step instructions to guide you through the installation process.



  • High Performance, MAF Safe, twin layer, fully reticulated foam filter
  • Comes complete with all clips/brackets/bolts etc required to fit
  • Stainless steel cage support structure
  • 100% Hand made in the UK – Guaranteed against manufacturing defects for life
  • Replaces the restrictive OEM air box

Audi A3 8V 1.8 TFSI
Audi A3 8V 2.0 TFSI
Audi S1 8X 2.0 TFSI
Audi S3 8V 2.0 TFSI
Audi TT 8S 2.0 TFSI
Audi TTS 8S 2.0 TFSI
Seat Leon 5F 1.8 TSI
Seat Leon 5F Cupra
Seat Leon 5F Cupra 4WD
Skoda Octavia 5E vRS
Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI
Volkswagen Golf 7 R

Ramair Air Intake Kit 2.0 TSI EA888.3 MQB (Golf 7 GTI/R - Audi A3/S3 8V - etc)

PrijsVanaf € 249,00

    Audi A3 8V / 8.5V - 12-20 1.8 TFSI - 180
    Audi A3 8V / 8.5V - 12-20 2.0 TFSI - 190 / 220
    Audi S3 8V / 8.5V - 12-20 2.0 TFSI - 300 / 310
    Audi TT 8S - 14-20 2.0 TFSI - 230
    Audi TT 8S - 14-20 TTS 2.0 TFSI - 310


    Seat Leon 5F - 12-20 1.8 TSI - 180
    Seat Leon 5F - 12-20

    Cupra - 265 / 280 / 290 / 300 / 310

    Seat      Leon 5F - 12-20 Cupra 4 Drive - 300


    Skoda Octavia 5E - 13-20 vRS - 220 / 230 / 245
    Volkswagen Golf MK7 - 13-17 GTI - 220 / 230
    Volkswagen Golf MK7 - 13-17 GTI Clubsport - 265
    Volkswagen Golf MK7 - 13-17 R - 300
    Volkswagen Golf MK7 - 13-17 R - Estate / SW - 300
    Volkswagen Golf Mk7.5 - 17-20 GTI TCR - 290
    Volkswagen Golf Mk7.5 - 17-20 R - Estate / SW - 310
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