Ramair Cone Air Filter Kit Audi TT 8J 2.0 TDI


This kit allows for increased airflow and induction noise over the factory air intake equipment.



Our heat shield is far more intricate than others available and the quality of our filters are second to none.

  • Comes with a two part filter heatshield
  • Complete with every nut, bolt and bracket required
  • Updated – High quality fitting instructions

CNC Laser-Cut Heatshield

Cut using state-of-the-art laser technology, assembled with aircraft grade rivets and coated in a specially formulated satin black powder coat finish. Ramair employ the same techniques in their tier 1 Motorsport equipment.

High-Flow Performance Filter

Made using the unique twin layer performance foam, stainless-steel cage support structure and the satin black flow-calculated trumpet.

Fitting Kit & Detailed Fitting Guide

Utilising top-quality components, every Ramair fitting kit is inspected twice prior to packaging to ensure all required parts are in the box, ready for a quick easy fitment.

Performance Enhancing

With many years of induction technology under theirs belts, the development team at Ramair make sure the solution works for the vehicle. If it doesn’t, they simply wont make it. Whether this kit is being fitted to a standard vehicle or an already-tuned vehicle, you can be sure of the positive performance gains it will deliver.

Audi TT 8J 2.0 TDI

Ramair Cone Air Filter Kit Audi TT 8J 2.0 TDI

Productcode: JSK-142-BK
€ 194,00Prijs
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  • Audi TT (8J) 2.0 TDI 2006 - 2014
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