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Snow Performance Stage 3 Boost Cooler / Water Methanol Kit (Turbo | Diesel)


Boost Cooler Stage 3 Diesel

Award winning System! - The further development of our successful Stage 3 Diesel System is the only system on the market, which positively impacts the fuel consumption and emissions in all load ranges.


  • More Power and Torque up to 15-25% possible
  • Reduction of specific fuel consumption by up to 5-15%
  • Successfully tested at the renowned "National Renewable Energy Laboratory"
  • Variabel injection via boost and exhaust temperature (EGT)
  • The most advanced system on the market ? true 2d mapping for smooth power ? always
  • Systems for virtually any turbo diesel (TDI/TDCi/TDS/etc.)
  • Dash mounted module ? displays real time ? no need for gauges.
  • Reduction of the thermal loading in already modified turbo diesel, such as chip tuning.
  • Reduction of nitrogen oxide formation & carbon emission with full load acceptance, ideal add-on to DPF.
  • Deposit free combustion chamber and air intake, without formation of carbon.
  • Individual consulting and configuration are possible.
  • Easy installation and setup.



More Power by Boost Cooler

With the Boost Cooler, you can achieve up to 10% extra power for suction engines. The optimal cooling compensates for power losses at higher outside temperatures. In addition, deposits in the combustion chamber and intake manifold are reduced.


Dual Stage Technologie (DST)

The MPG-MAX system has an additional, larger nozzle with a separate mapping ('Power Mode'). The connection of the second nozzle can be set individually in order to achieve the best possible performance.


Boost Cooler Waterinjection - Stage 3

The up-to-date digital 2D control unit was designed to reduce the specific fuel consumption in almost all load ranges.

The MPG-MAX control unit variably controls a small boost cooler nozzle through the entire power curve. This increases the combustion efficiency which in turn results in more power, without the increased fuel consumption.

The fuel economy is improve due to the better combustion efficiency. Normally, the fuel economy ranges within 5-15 %, depending on the vehicle, driving style and operation (e.g. tractor unit).

The MPG-MAX system has a second output to control another, larger nozzle with a separate mapping ("Power Mode"). The activation point of the second nozzle can be adjusted individually to achieve the best performance results. The net effect is smooth power in all engine load states with no combustion quench.


Snow Performance Stage 3 Boost Cooler / Water Methanol Kit (Turbo | Diesel)

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  • For all turbo-/supercharged diesel engines

  • Optimal Cooling with Water Injection

    The Boost Cooler injection works in three ways: Firstly, when water is injected into the intake system prior to the cylinder head, the small droplets absorb heat from the intake air.

    When we apply heat energy to it, its molecules begin to expand: a great deal of heat is absorbed during this process owing to water´s specific heat capacity - approximately 4.2kJ/(kg.K). Next, the small droplets of water start to evaporate. And so the intake air charge is cooled still further (up to 60°C and more).

    Finally, when the remaining water droplets and water vapour reach the combustion chamber, steam is produced. When the water changes from the liquid to gas state, large amount of heat energy is consumed in sustaining the process. The latent heat of evaporation is 2256kJ/kg, approx. six times more than gasoline.

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