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Wagner Tuning Charge Cooler for BMW 140i / 240i / 340i / 440i 400001002


To increase cooling and to provide better intake temps, Wagner Tuning released this large volume intercooler or charge cooler for the B58 engine found in the 140i / 240i / 340i and 440i. 117% bigger than OEM it fits without any modification to provide excellent cooling with minimal backpressure!


  • Direct bolt on
  • Size : 524 x 468 x 68mm
  • 117% bigger than OEM
  • High-quality aluminium made
  • Instructions included
  • Made in Germany

BMW 1-Serie F20/F21 120i
BMW 1-Serie F20/F21 125i

BMW 1-SERIE F20/F21 140I

BMW 2-Serie F22/F23 220i
BMW 2-Serie F22/F23 230i

BMW 2-SERIE F22/F23 240I

BMW 3-Serie F30/F31/F34 320i

BMW 3-Serie F30/F31/F34 330i
BMW 3-Serie F30/F31/F34 330e

BMW 3-SERIE F30/F31/F34 340I

BMW 4-Serie F32/F33/F36 420i

BMW 4-Serie F32/F33/F36 430i

BMW 4-SERIE F32/F33/F36 440I

Wagner Tuning Charge Cooler for BMW 140i / 240i / 340i / 440i B48 & B58 Engine

Productcode: 400001002
€ 1.291,00Prijs
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  • BMW 1er F20/F21 LCI from 09/2015 – 120i, 125i, M140(x)i
    BMW 2er F22/F23 LCI from 09/2016 – 220i, 230i, M240i
    BMW 3er F30/F31/F34/F35 LCI from 09/2014 – 320i, 330i, 340i
    BMW 4er F32/F33/F36 LCI from 03/2016 – 420i, 430i, 440i

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