Airtec Service Intercooler Audi RS6 C5 4.2 Twin Turbo V8

AIRTEC will take your old RS6 C5 twin intercooler setup and give them a new lease of life.

Damaged, leaking or just generally tired intercooler can be made into brand new using the latest intercooler core technology finished in our durable pro-series black finish.




  1. Take your old intercoolers & remove old or damaged leaking cores.
  2. Prep and repair any damage on old alloy intercooler end tanks ready for re-welding.
  3. Tig weld 2 brand new high flow intercooler cores onto cleaned and prepped end tanks.
  4. Weld and secure new 5mm side plates, correct spacing for original air scoops.
  5. Intercoolers pressure checked to ensure they are at the highest quality.
  6. Powder coated in our durable pro-series satin black finish.
  7. Lastly, finished with our AIRTEC motorsport badges.


If you own an RS6 Please contact us before placing your order.

Please note there is a lead time of approximately 2-3 weeks.

Audi RS6 C5 4.2 V8 BiTurbo

Airtec Service Intercooler Audi RS6 C5 4.2 Twin Turbo V8


€ 769,00

€ 719,00



Audi A6 Avant C6
2.0 TDI
170 hp