KWE Automotive performance intercooler kit Audi RS6 C6 5.0 V10 TFSI


Our KWE Intercoolers got the core dimensions: 255x280x95mm
The size of the inflow compared to the series was cooler design Due greatest possible designed.
For easy installation is to help even an manual installation in the delivery with.
The all-aluminum intercoolers are equipped with flow-optimized and exclusive collectors KWE branding.
Quality Plate-Fin cores for less backpressure and better cooling performance have been used. The fin pitch of the networks corresponds to the original cooler.
As a basis for high-performance KWE core the OEM core was analyzed and improved.
The coolers are optimized efficiency compared to the OEM coolers.
Inlet / outlet as Series 65 / 70mm and the retaining seats are as OEM.
The original shrouds pending returned for modification until 02/2018, KWE Automotive, as of this date, then with
adapted air ducts which were realized by means of 3D scan of the vehicle and have been adjusted to the larger core included.

As a result, 112PS of additional power was achieved when compared to the standard charge air cooler when using additional components and software adaptation.
The intake air temperature was reduced by 35 ° C compared to the standard coolers.



  • 2 pcs. Intercooler right / left
  • 4pcs. silicone hoses
  • 8pcs. hose clamps

KWE Automotive performance intercooler kit Audi RS6 C6 5.0 V10 TFSI


€ 1.049,00



Audi A6 Avant C6
2.0 TDI
170 hp