Ramair Air Intake Kit Mazda MX-5 NC 1.8i / 2.0i

Ramair Jetstream Induction Kit (JSK) for the MK3 MX5.
This kit allows for increased airflow and induction noise over the factory air intake equipment.

This is a full induction filter kit and turbo intake pipe replacement that comes with all the parts and filter needed for the vehicle/s below. An open air induction kit will give your car that ever needed increase in induction. This in turn will give the vehicle an increase in BHP and more importantly torque.

This kit will replace the existing restrictive air box and turbo intake pipework in your engine bay. Whilst an ECU remap is not required, it will help you make the most of increased potential airflow.

Mazda MX-5 NC 1.8i
Mazda MX-5 NC 2.0i

Ramair Air Intake Kit Mazda MX-5 NC 1.8i / 2.0i


€ 199,00



Audi A6 Avant C6
2.0 TDI
170 hp