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1.8T Stroker Kit 06A 2.0l


1.8T 20V 2008cc stroker engine kits will increase your displacement from 1.8L to 2.0L by increasing the bore and stroke of your engine block.  This increased displacement yields more horsepower and torque on the same boost pressure, less chance of detonation due to lower peak cylinder pressures, faster spool, and produces more power on low octane fuel.  Each kit includes high-perfomance matched components tested on our own in-house engine dyno ensuring peak power and reliable performance.


Connecting Rod Features:
2 Piece Forgings from 4340 Chrome Moly Steel
Multi Stage Heat Treat for maximum strength
High dimensional stability, and fatigue life.
Multi stage inspected tolerances as tight as .0003
Standard ARP2000 Rod Bolts
Magnaflux Inspected
Dimensionally Inspected
Combination tested to over 700HP+


2.0L Stroker Forged Crankshaft:
Our stroker cranks begin with brand new VW/Audi factory forged 2.0T FSI crankshafts, then modified with a specialty oil pump drive gear. The forged crank is matched with our stroker pistons for increased displacement and stroke increasing over all power and torque, reducing turbo lag, and strengthening the over all rotating assembly.


Crankshaft features:
Factory new OEM 2.0T FSI crankshaft
Modified with appropriate 1.8T oil pump drive gear
Drop-in for 06A 1.8T blocks, no block modifications needed
Forged crankshaft for increased strength over cast 1.8T crank


Forged Stroker Pistons
The included set of forged stroker pistons make for a stout reliable engine for daily driving, road racing, drag racing, or full out competition racing.  Each forging is application specific minimizing weight and ensuring a reliable interaction with the rotating assembly.


Piston Features:
Includes wire locks, piston rings, and wrist pins
No dish deburring or preperation needed
Individually prepared inspection report of dimensional conformity
Each piston individually serialized for complete traceability
23-point post-production inspection conducted by certified personnel
Tighter tolerances on 14 critical areas of the piston
All critical surfaces machined in dedicated Critical Manufacturing Cell

Audi S3 8L 1.8 Turbo
Audi TT 8N 1.8 Turbo

Seat Leon 1M Cupra R
Seat Ibiza 6K2 1.8 Turbo

Seat Ibiza 6L 1.8 Turbo


1.8T Stroker Kit Audi S3 8L, TT, Leon 1M, Ibiza, Polo 9N 06A 2.0l

Productcode: TIJSTK18T
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  • Audi S3 8L 1.8 Turbo
    Audi TT 8N 1.8 Turbo

    Seat Leon 1M Cupra R
    Seat Ibiza 6K2 1.8 Turbo

    Seat Ibiza 6L 1.8 Turbo


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