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Airtec Intercooler Upgrade Volvo C30, S40, V50 D5/T5


Optioneel is een Airtec Big Boost Pipe Kit (+ €390,-). Deze kan een langere levertijd hebben dan dat u van ons gewend bent. Dit komt doordat deze kit nieuw op de markt is. 


AIRTEC’s front mount intercooler for the Volvo C30, S40, V50 T5, developed in house at AIRTEC HQ, the HUGE 90mm core and smooth flowing end tanks has been tested and proven to lower intake temps.

Bolts onto the bottom of the radiator cradle so there isn’t major weight added onto the standard radiator mounts like other alloy intercoolers on the market. Comes with full brackets and all fixtures and fittings included.

Available in natural silver or Pro-Series satin black finish for that ultimate stealth look.


165mm high

325mm width

90mm thick


Standard Volvo C30 intercooler:

Run 1

129 degrees – Inlet Temp

57 degrees – Outlet Temp


Run 2

130 degrees – Inlet Temp

59 degrees – Outlet Temp


AIRTEC intercooler:

Run 1
115 degrees – Inlet Temp

20 degrees – Outlet Temp


Run 2

122 degrees – Inlet Temp

24 degrees – Outlet Temp


Run 3

120 degrees – Inlet Temp

23 degrees – Outlet Temp

Volvo C30 2006 - 2013 2.5 T5

Volvo S40 2004 - 2012 2.5 T5

Volvo V50 2004 - 2012 2.5 T5

Airtec Intercooler Upgrade Volvo C30, S40, V50 T5

Productcode: ATINTVOL1
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  • Volvo C30 T5 (2006–2013

    Volvo S40 T5 (2004–2012)

    Volvo V50 T5 (2004–2012)

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