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Airtec Upgrade Front Mount Intercooler Land Rover Defender 300 Tdi


AIRTEC Motorsport Front Mount Intercooler upgrade for Land Rover 300TDI Platform.

Designed as a comprehensive high-end option to suit Land Rover Defender 300TDI owners that wish to see the largest possible increase in air-flow efficiency, power and performance.

This freer-flowing intercooler features a full size, twin-pass core design that covers the full width of the vehicle’s grille area. It therefore offers a huge increase in surface area and volume over standard. It is also a direct replacement for the smaller and more restrictive side mount set up yet, still fits neatly behind the original grille, with only few minor modifications required to the front panel for fitment, therefore allowing the space required for items such as a larger winch set up.


The intercooler features our proven race quality, bar and plate core that not only out performs OEM intercoolers, but is also stronger and much more durable, making it ideal for harsh environments and heavy off-road use.

With the AIRTEC intercooler fitted and the fuelling appropriately adjusted to suit, intake temperatures are dramatically reduced, therefore giving a large and noticeable increase in performance.


  • 320mm x 500mm x 55mm core
  • 2” inlet and outlets
  • CAD designed end tanks to optimise air flow
  • Larger bar and plate intercooler with flowed cast end tanks
  • Comes complete with full fitting instructions
  • Proven power increases and cooling efficiency
  • Allows space for a large winch
  • AIRTEC logo’d cast end tanks
  • Available in Natural Silver or Pro-Series Black

Land Rover Defender 1990 - 2016 300 Tdi

Airtec Upgrade Front Mount Intercooler Land Rover Defender 300 Tdi

Productcode: ATINTLR04
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  • Land Rover Defender 300 TDI
    1990 - 2016

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