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Airtec Upgrade Intercooler Kit Seat Leon 1M Cupra R 1.8T 20V

Airtec has released their Cupra R Intercooler as a Middle range price option, reasonably priced but high quality alternative from cheap nasty Ebay kits & more than capable of doing the same if not better job than more expensive Intercooler kits, we take a huge amount of pride in making sure our kits are finished to an Extremely high standard.

Removes restrictive twin Intercooler set up for high flow single pass 60mm core design, retains standard crash bar.
Rolling Road Tested ’12bhp increase in BHP’ on a stage1 car (only remap installed) Tested @ AMD Tuning Essex



  • 1 x Huge 60mm core Intercooler with flowed cast end tanks, this means less welding and a stronger Intercooler
  • High quality 4/5ply silicon hose’s with alloy joiners & stainless Jubilee clips
  • Powder coated upper bonnet catch support brackets ‘originals are removed to give extra space for fitting intercooler’
  • Retains original crash bar ‘un-cut’
  • Retains original fog lights without any modification
  • No cutting to bumper
  • Fitting Instructions and all required fixings
  • Un-Beatable value for money
  • Proven Power Increase’s for Fast Road & Track
  • Available in Satin Black or Natural Silver
  • Airtec 3 year unlimited mileage warranty
  • Fitting will take 2-3 hours depending on mechanical skill


Amd Rolling Road tested results – Stage 1 remap ‘Higher stages of tune will see even bigger gains’

  • Standard – Temps Into Intercooler 128 degrees & Out of Intercooler 49 degrees, 12 bhp gain in mid range and standard Intercooler kept losing power
  • AIRTEC Intercooler – Temps Into Intercooler 126 degrees & Out of Intercooler 23 degrees.

    Please note: Now comes with 1 pce silicone hoses, only supplied with 1 metal hose joiner.

Seat Leon 1M Cupra R

Airtec Upgrade Intercooler Kit Seat Leon 1M Cupra R 1.8T 20V

Productcode: ATINTVAG8
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  • Seat Leon 1M Cupra R 
    1.8 T 20 V

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