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Hyundai i30N Upgrade 89mm Turbo Intake Hose


Plug & Play High Flow Turbo suction hose kit 89mm / 3.5 "


Performance intake kit for the Hyundai i30N Stage 3 turbocharger


Note: In contrast to other providers, whose suction systems are made of stainless steel or aluminum pipes, the TurboZentrum suction system cannot heat up because the suction hose is made entirely of silicone! This means that with our intake kit, constant power and performance is always guaranteed on the road, circuit or 1/4 mile. Likewise, with our kit, the performance-reducing 90 ° intake manifold on the turbocharger inlet is removed and replaced with our CNC milled aluminum intake manifold. This socket is milled exactly to the inside dimensions of the compressor inlet, so that there is no longer any edge that could lead to turbulence in the suction area of ​​the compressor that would reduce performance!


  • Black silicone suction hose
  • Cannot heat up like aluminum or stainless steel pipes from other suppliers
  • CNC milled aluminum intake manifold with a conical shape to the Stage 2 intake dimension
  • As a result, there is no longer any edge that could lead to turbulence in the suction area of ​​the compressor that would reduce performance
  • Intake socket with O-ring for 100% sealing
  • Plug & Play kit including assembly material, can be installed immediately


Finally available! The TurboZentrum Hyundai i30N suction made of silicone. Suitable for the Hyundai i30N and thanks to our selection of intake manifolds suitable for our Stage 3 upgrade turbochargers. The hose is made of 5 layers of silicone with nylon reinforcement and so that the hose does not contract during turbo upgrades, a stainless steel wire spiral is also incorporated into the silicone. Thanks to the black color, the TurboZentrum Hyundai I30N Upgrade intake has the inconspicuous "stealth" look, which makes it a perfect sleeper mod. There is a laminated TurboZentrum number on the underside of the hose.

Technical specifications:

  • Diameter: 89mm / 3.5 "
  • Material: silicone 5 layers with stainless steel wire insert for reinforcement
  • Color: black
  • Heat resistance: 220 ° C "


Scope of delivery:

  • 1x suction hose
  • 1x CNC aluminum intake manifold turbocharger inlet for Stage 3 turbocharger
  • 1x O-ring
  • 3x screws
Hyundai i30 N

Hyundai i30N Upgrade 89mm Turbo Intake Hose

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  • Brand Model Type Version
    Hyundai I30 PD - 17-... N - 250 / 275
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