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Ramair Air Intake VAG 2.0 TFSI Oversized VAG 6R, S3 8P, Leon 1P R JSK-101-DD

This is a full oversize (90mm through to 70mm at MAF point) intake, heat shield and filter kit, it comes with all the parts and filter needed for the transverse 2.0 TFSI Engine in both K03 and K04 fitment.

We supply a blanking plug in the kit for the K03 owners. Our kit also includes a manifold heatshield along with the unique two piece filter shield.

After many years of manufacturing filters and intake kits for some of the largest VAG tuners in the world we have decided to now offer these products direct to you, the consumer.

Our heat shield is far more intricate than others available and the quality of our filters are second to none. Gains on these kits are industry known to be up to 10% mapped increase with up to 25% less restriction in air flow.

The kit comprises of…

  • Ramair Cone Air Filter
    A high flow satin black performance filter with flow-calculated trumpet , utilizing our dual layer ‘MAF safe’ foam and stainless steel cage support structure.
  • Heat Shield with OEM mounting points
    Laser cut, precision folded heat shield powder-coated in black, is designed to fit directly to the standard OEM factory air box mounting points without the need for modification. The heat shield helps maintain low intake temperatures by providing a physical barrier between the air filter and the rest of the engine bay and directing the air from the factory cold feed around the filter cone.
  • Full Fitting Kit
    Includes all nuts, bolts, hose clamps, rubbers, vacuum hose and high quality silicone hose necessary to fit the kit to a standard car.


  • Up to 10% mapped increase in BHP
  • Designed to improve throttle response, mid range torque and engine sound
  • Replaces factory air intake system
  • Washable and reusable single use lifetime warranty air filter
  • Full kit with all fitting instructions and parts needed for installation
  • Precision laser cut heatshield
  • Satin black powdercoat finsh
  • 100% Hand made in the UK – Guaranteed against manufacturing defects for life
  • Internal stainless steel cage support structure
  • High Performance, MAF Safe, twin layer, fully reticulated foam filter

    SKU: JSK-101-DD

Audi A3 8P 2.0 TFSI

Audi S3 8P 2.0 TFSI

Audi TT 8J 2.0 TFSI

Audi TTS 8J 2.0 TFSI

Seat Leon 1P 2.0 TFSI

Seat Leon 1P Cupra

Skoda Octavia 1Z vRS

Volkswagen Golf 5 GTI

Volkswagen Golf 6 R
Volkswagen Scirocco III 2.0 TSI

Volkswagen Scirocco III R

Ramair Air Intake VAG 2.0 TFSI Oversized VAG 6R, S3 8P, Leon 1P JSK-101-DD

Productcode: JSK-101-DD
€ 305,00 Normale prijs
€ 295,00Verkoopprijs
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  • 🟢 1 - 2 werkdagen 

  • Audi A3 8P - 04-12 2.0 TFSI - 200
    Audi A3 8P - 04-12 2.0 TFSI - 200 Quattro
    Audi TT 8J - 06-13 2.0TFSI - 200
    Seat / Cupra Leon 1P - 05-12 2.0TFSI - 200
    Skoda Octavia 1Z - 04-13 vRS - 200 - 04-08
    Volkswagen Golf MK5 - 04-09 GTI - 200
    Volkswagen Scirocco MK3 - 08-17 2.0TFSI 200


    Audi S3 8P - 06-12 2.0 TFSI - 265
    Seat / Cupra Leon 1P - 05-12 Cupra - 240 / 265
    Volkswagen Golf MK5 - 04-09 GTI Ed30 / Pirelli - 230
    Volkswagen Golf MK6 - 09-12 GTI Ed35 - 235
    Volkswagen Golf MK6 - 09-12 R - 265 / 270
    Volkswagen Scirocco MK3 - 08-17 R - 265 / 280
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