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Stage 3+ 450HP+ Upgrade Turbo MHI 28231-2GTB1 for Hyundai i30N


Plug n Play Stage 3+ Upgrade Turbocharger for high Performance


New OE MHI Turbo, CNC Intake, Stage 3+ FMW Compressor Wheel, bigger Turbine Wheel, Upgrade Journal Bearings


MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE! Thanks to our Stage 3+, with specially CNC machined 76mm aluminum intake and maximum machining of the compressor housing, the absolute performance of the original Hyudani i30N turbocharger is achieved. Using the newest and most advanced racing technology, Stage 3+ optimization is pushing the boundaries of what is currently possible. The result is a turbo, that has the same outer dimensions as the original one, but puts out the maximum on performance while still having a great driving dynamics. What is the maximum power worth, if your car is undrivable? Combine a fast build-up of boost pressure with keeping a good response in the low rev bands.


Similar to the Stage 3 upgrade, we use a bigger compression wheel, milled out of light aluminum and extended tip technology. The compressor housing is CNC-milled (everything in-house) to the exact dimensions of the new compression wheel to gain an optimal clearance so no power is wasted. The main difference is, that we also enlarge the exhaust side. That means, that due to the ratio between the exhaust and compression side, we get away with using an even bigger compression wheel than we would have used in the Stage 2 upgrade. Only by also enlarging the exhaust side, it is possible to reach up to 450+ HP. Most optimizations through the ratio between exhaust and compression side off balance which leads to not ideal performance especially concerning the response in low revs.


The exhaust housing will also be CNC milled by us in order to fit the bigger exhaust wheel with 45,6/52,3mm diameter. Of course, we also optimize the gap between housing. In addition to multiple changes to increase the longevity on the core, backplate, and the bearing seat, we also install re-enforced radial and 360° axial bearings.


Technical Details:

  • As a base, we use an original MHI turbocharger (part number: 28231-2GTB1)- 450HP+ *- Maximum size of compression wheel **
  • CNC milled compression wheel with slim design and extended tip technology
  • CNC milled 76mm aluminium turbocharger intake and maximum machining of the compressor housing
  • In-house CNC milling and gap optimization of the compression housing
  • In-house CNC milling and gap optimization of the exhaust housing
  • 45,6/52,3mm bigger turbine wheel 9 Blade for max flow
  • (If necessary) reinforced actuator with increased preload
  • Every single step is done by us in-house


* The performance indication is an average of the experience of our customers. Because an average can also mean, that a higher performance might be archived, we used the + as an indication. Please note, that the fuel type, the engine and the tuning of the engine have a big impact on the power output. Weather all these factors are at an optimum will be the difference between reaching the claimed output or not. An underachieving may be possible with a less ideal setup.


** The size of the compression wheel is not based on the biggest wheel that we can fit, but on carefully calculated values to get out the most power while still taking drivability and longevity into account.

Hyundai i30 N

Stage 3+ 450HP+ Upgrade Turbo MHI 28231-2GTB1 for Hyundai i30N

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  • Brand Model Type Version
    Hyundai I30 PD - 17-... N - 250 / 275
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